Mountain Bike

Currie US Pro Drive 24 Volt Electrically Assisted Hybrid Mountain Bike - My First Electric Bicycle

You would like to ride to work, but it’s just a little too far, right? Or maybe it’s that killer hill that spoils it for you. No showers at work?  No problem!

I commuted effortlessly and efficiently on this Electric Hybrid Mountain bike. The US Pro Drive 400W brushless motor kit consistently ranked as one of the best on the market. “Power on demand” system and free-wheeling chain drive lets you pedal as much as you want.  My setup included an electronic speed- ometer, front and rear safety lights, and turn and brake signals. The varible speed thumb throttle took me to 18MPH unassisted, with excellent hill climbing ability, allowing me to easily commute 10 miles or more. It was a 24 volt system with a brushhless DC motor using two 12V 12Ah SLAs.

Note: Currie has discontinued the kit. Various other kits are available, but most are of the hub motor type.

Frame mounted battery box

Freewheeling chain drive system

Brushless DC electric 24V motor with integrated controller

Revised 12/2007

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